Our Story

Founded in 2011, The House in Tigerland has been a favorite amongst LSU students and alumni alike for a decade.  

After working here for several years, in April of 2017, we bought the bar at the ages of 20 and 23 with one goal in mind: "Let's run a bar for college students, by college students."  Our team feels like one, big family to us so work has always been fun.  We still strive to put on an excellent college nightlife experience for our customers every night.  Whether it's our best-in-class drink specials, friendly staff, great music, or delicious pizza-by-the-slice; we are here to make your night as fun as it can be. 

In 2021, The House completed a total remodel of our building. The first to do so in Tigerland in over 30 years, putting LSU nightlife back on the map in the SEC.

At The House, we believe you can only be as good as your team, and we believe we have the best staff in the country!  We have employed over 100 students over the last four years, each making a lasting, positive impact on our story.  

Our customer service mantra is simple:

"When you're here, you're family."  

The House is Home,

   Jeff & Casey